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HCL Filling and Capping Line

We recommend you our automatic oblique neck bottle Piston/Gravity filling machine. (1) Multi filling nozzles, made of PP and Alloy, in anti-corrosive (2) Capacity, it can fill 500-3000 bottles each hour.

Direction of fill nozzles is available for change to fill oblique neck bottles.


Machine introduction: Automatic inline gravity/piston liquid filling machine is a newest version product made by our company. It is developed wholly in corrosion standard. It is a high-tech filling equipment which is a combination of microcomputer (PLC) controlled photoelectric sensor and pneumatic actuator. It is specially used for high corrosive liquid, such as bleach liquid, 84 disinfection liquid, HCL, Sulfuric acid liquid, toilet clean fluid, Bleach liquid ,and so on. And also has a function of Dive filling (Driving filling or not, depend on buyers.). With features, such as precise filling volume, no drip, photoelectric detection, no filling when without bottle.

Piston/Gravity type HCL filling machine also have following advantages.
(1) Three-way valves, we install them separately from filling and let them in isolated room in machine back.
(2) Such valves do not touch the corrosive liquid and not be damaged by corrosive air, too.
(3) Piston cylinders are set under the machine back, which are tailor-designed fro anti-corrosive. And Pistons have 2 sealing rings, which guarantee it 100% no leaking and dripping, but also guarantee that after use in several years, even the sealing rings damaged, it also run without leaking and dripping. The replace of sealing rings is easy and simple, too.
(4) The piston cylinders we use are made of glasses and wrapped by PP material cover . Inner wall of this glass piston cylinder is very smooth and has very small resistance to sealing rings, more longer life and convenient.
(5) Specially-designed drawing valve are made of F4 material.

(1) No. of Nozzle: Multi filling nozzles
(2)Filling range: 25-1000ml(can be set through touch screen)
(3) Filling accuracy: ±1%
(4) Filling speed: About 500-3000 Bottles/h(≤1L)
(5) working air pressure: 6-7kg/c㎡
(6) operation voltage: 220V(available to be customized)
(7)machine weight: 750 kg
(8) machine size: 2000×910×2200mm

Capping machine made of PP, can install the inner cap, then automatically cap the outside caps. It is consisted of two parts, one for inner cap installation, the other for outside cap capping.


Our solution is a new combination of capping machines for you.
(1) Inner cap installation
(2) Install the outside cap by capping machine with and vibration cap sorter and cap feeder. Capping machine we make, direction of capping is available to change to meet the oblique neck. It can be used for many kind bottles. Not need to replace parts for 3 bottles (500ml, 750ml and 1000ml) Save cost and convenient.

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