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Induction Cap Sealing Machine GMP Model

Multipack high quality induction cap sealing system including online / offline Induction Cap Sealing Machine, Bottle Induction Heat Sealing Machine, Online bottle Induction Sealer machine suitable for 20mm to 120mm cap sizes with Automatic induction head Sealing Machine, Bottle Foil Heat Sealing Machine , Our induction sealer machines are manufactured in high technology with German make induction sealing head with air cooled induction cap sealing machines and water cooled induction cap sealing machines .

Technical Specifications:

Induction Sealer Control Panel
Electrical Input Requirements: 230VAC Single Phase 50 Hertz 10Amperes.
MOC: Stainless Steel Grade 304
Sealing Speeds: 50 bottles per minute
Neck Diameters: 25mm – 80mm.
Type Of Sealing Head: Tunnel Type Induction Head
Adjustable Height: 0 – 300mm.
Safety Interlocks
Foil Detection: If foil is absent, bottle is rejected and alarm is on.
Auto On/Off If no bottle within preset time, machine gets off.
Stalled Bottle: If bottle is jammed under machine, machine gets off.
Bottle Counter: Counts total number of bottles
Conveyor Stop System This Interlock is used to detect movement of conveyor belt that whether conveyor belt is moving or not in event of conveyor belt is not moving, the machine will deactivate sealing and give off an audio visual alarm.
Water Recirculation System.
Water Tank Capacity: 5 litres of DM Water
MOC: Stainless Steel 304
Interlocks: Water Flow Switch


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